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Testimonials: Stress

Testimonials Statement

Many clients contact me after their treatment to let me know how they are getting on. I often publish extracts from their remarks on this site as they illustrate the potential benefits of the work. Also it allows visitors to find out about others' experience. Individual results will of course vary and cannot be guaranteed

Unless I have received express permission to do otherwise I do not divulge any detail which would give away a client's identity.

All statements are genuine and if necessary can be checked by the Advertising Standards Authority or other official body provided that they are able to demonstrate that client confidentiality will be respected.

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Client with study stress and confidence and self-esteem issues.

Things have gone very well. My dissertation got handed in...then drove back and got ready for my interview. The interview went incredibly well and I knew they would offer me a job. Thank you for all your help.

Client with stress and sleep problems

Definitely feeling the benefit, thank you...I’m sleeping well and coping with things I know I wouldn’t have coped with so easily before.

Client who had problems with stress and depression.

I would like to thank you for everything you did for me. Our sessions proved massively useful in allowing myself to understand how to deal with these emotions when they come up, and hopefully now I will be able to deal with any similar situations should they arise in the future.

Client who had treatment for stress

The self-hypnosis is amazing – I have tried it 2 – 3 times already and the effect is always quite striking – I feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards…I don’t feel the stress and resentment that used to be there or if I do it quickly goes away.

Client with stress and anxiety

The calm presence that Liz exudes whenever you meet her is the first clue to how effective she is as a hypnotherapist. She is one of those rare professionals who really "walks her talk". I have had both 1-1 sessions with Liz and also attended her Self-Hypnosis course. Both of these have been excellent. A real life example of how Liz can help: I found myself stuck in traffic on the M11 very recently, on the way to attend a training course. As the sat nav ticked away telling me I was going to be later and later I wondered why I didn't have the usual churning anxiety in my stomach (I HATE being late!).

I realised that I was unconsciously using techniques that I had been taught us on the Self Hypnosis course. How wonderful! I arrived an hour later than I had hoped, but I was not flustered, I was able to remain cool, calm and collected throughout. This is just one example of how I can apply what Liz has helped me to learn. If you are looking for someone who is really practical, grounded in reality and who takes a very pragmatic approach to an often misunderstood discipline, Liz is your woman.