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Testimonials: Slimming

Testimonials Statement

Many clients contact me after their treatment to let me know how they are getting on. I often publish extracts from their remarks on this site as they illustrate the potential benefits of the work. Also it allows visitors to find out about others' experience. Individual results will of course vary and cannot be guaranteed

Unless I have received express permission to do otherwise I do not divulge any detail which would give away a client's identity.

All statements are genuine and if necessary can be checked by the Advertising Standards Authority or other official body provided that they are able to demonstrate that client confidentiality will be respected.

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Weight loss client

Liz’s approach is supportive and reassuring. She explained each stage of the therapy in a way that reassured me about the experience, and ensured that I was relaxed at each key step. I would recommend Liz as a hypnotherapist without question.

Client with binge-eating problems

I have been meaning to drop you an email to say thanks. I’m pleased to tell you everything is still going well and there has been no more binge eating. It’s still a bit odd that something that plagues me for so long has just disappeared! Thank you so much for the work you did with me – it has really changed everything for the better.

Client wanting to lose weight

Just a quick message to say thank you so much for all your efforts and expertise in helping me to control my eating habits Things seem to be going really well now. I’ve lost a stone and feel so much better.

Client with weight and binge eating issues

“I have noticed a difference. My binges have reduced hugely. I have joined a slimming club and have found that our work is helping me follow the plan and keep me on track.

Client with drinking habit and weight issues

I feel in control of eating and drinking alcohol and listening to my body…I feel much better physically and mentally from not drinking. I also feel proud of my achievement…

Client wanting help with slimming

I have already begun using the slimming CD received from you and have, remarkably perceived a shift in my mental awareness. Within 24 hours of the first use I found myself picking up food and thinking ‘now that won’t help me lose weight – do I really want it?’

Client who attended slimming workshop

I now feel much more positive about losing weight. I have never managed to lose a stone before so I am very motivated to continue.

Client who attended slimming workshop

It's made me feel back in control of my weight, that I can choose to lose and succeed at it. Before, I always had a panicky feeling of not being in control of my desire to eat.