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Testimonials: Fears and Phobias

Testimonials Statement

Many clients contact me after their treatment to let me know how they are getting on. I often publish extracts from their remarks on this site as they illustrate the potential benefits of the work. Also it allows visitors to find out about others' experience. Individual results will of course vary and cannot be guaranteed

Unless I have received express permission to do otherwise I do not divulge any detail which would give away a client's identity.

All statements are genuine and if necessary can be checked by the Advertising Standards Authority or other official body provided that they are able to demonstrate that client confidentiality will be respected.

General Fear and Phobia Testimonials

For more information visit my fears and phobias page

Client with spider phobia

I must admit I was a bit sceptical but after planting out my troughs and baskets the other week and having a great big spider scuttle out from underneath and right by my knees, I didn’t even flinch!! Now how did that happen to someone who would normally have felt physically sick and be running down the path in a hot sweat screaming her head off?

Client with fear of tube

Just thought you would like to know that I used the tube today – a bit scary but I did it!

Client who had treatment for flying phobia

I wanted to call and let you know that the trip went very well. I was much, much calmer on the flights and we are convinced that it was down to the tools that you provided me with…looking back I really enjoyed it! Something that I never thought I would do!

Client with fear of hospital treatment

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me through it and I won’t hesitate in recommending you.

Fear of Public Speaking

For more information visit my fear of public speaking page

Client with fear of public speaking

Just a quick note to say…I DID IT!!!! I did a presentation to 30+ a week or so ago, albeit with someone sharing my presentation and kicking things off. Then I did a presentation to a group of 11 ‘non-converts’ yesterday; it was sitting down this time but I was completely on my own using my own material. Thank you so much, you’re brilliant.

Client with fear of public speaking.

I’m pleased to tell you that I have presented to a small group of ten…Following the presentation I have had some positive feedback. Equally, I have found myself in several situations where I have had to speak in a group and again felt less stressed than before our work together.

Client with fear of public speaking

I have to say it is miles better. Last week my [boss] asked me to stand in for him at a meeting…High powered affair, long conference table, a scene reminiscent of the cabinet office. However I wasn’t anywhere near as concerned as I would have been previously. I felt pretty relaxed, a few nerves as my turn approached...but I [used your techniques] and read out a couple of lengthy statements perfectly. So many thanks Liz, you really helped me.

Dental Phobias

For more information visit my page on fear of dental treatment

Client with dental phobia

...actually got to the dentists early. I sat in the waiting room and was amazed at how relaxed I was all over so quickly...I had almost a feeling of euphoria that it had all gone so well. Even the dentist noticed the change.

Client needing help for anxiety and fear of the dentist

…I have even conquered my fear of the dentist thanks to Liz!

Client with needle and dental phobia

…compared to last time she was so much more in control…I have given your details to the dentist as he is interested…Thank you so much. You have made a big difference to [my daughter] and given her some very valuable tools that I am sure she will be able to use in the future in so many different ways.

Client with lifelong fear of dental treatment

I calmly walked into the dentists for the first time in my life and sat in his chair totally chilled, all thanks to you…There is no way I would have been able to sit there and let him take the root out (which was a very difficult procedure) if I hadn’t been in my calm zone…Thank you for everything.

Fear and Anxiety about Horses and Riding

For more information visit my page about horse riding fears and anxieties

Client with horse riding anxiety

Things are progressing well. I still have moments of nervousness with [my horse] but I am now able to get through these and deal with them. I am riding without any assistance now and confidence grows each time…I definitely feel the situation has progressed for the better.

Client with stress and horse-riding anxiety

Liz, I cannot thank you enough for the therapy you gave me. There is no way in the world that I would be doing even a fraction of what I’m doing now…I’d be delighted if you used anything I’ve said. Hope it enables more people to free themselves from their self-imposed limitations and start living life to the full.