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Testimonials: Confidence and Self Esteem

Testimonials Statement

Many clients contact me after their treatment to let me know how they are getting on. I often publish extracts from their remarks on this site as they illustrate the potential benefits of the work. Also it allows visitors to find out about others' experience. Individual results will of course vary and cannot be guaranteed

Unless I have received express permission to do otherwise I do not divulge any detail which would give away a client's identity.

All statements are genuine and if necessary can be checked by the Advertising Standards Authority or other official body provided that they are able to demonstrate that client confidentiality will be respected.

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Client with confidence and self-esteem issues

The treatment... has had a very positive impact on my life and general wellbeing and I now have the confidence to tackle professional life head on. I’ve become more assertive and decisive and trust my first instinct which makes working in a large team much less stressful. I would strongly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who is taking proactive steps to improve their life!

Client with blushing problem

Things seem to be going really well. I hardly ever think about it anymore and have been to lots of interviews...and it has not seemed to be a problem...If I do feel or think about it then I just use the tools...and it seems to be working well.

Client with confidence issues

I’m coping well...and generally feeling happy in myself. I use the CDs from time to time and I find them brilliant. Thank you for your help.

Client with confidence problems

Just thought I would send you a quick email in regards to my progress at University and in general. So far I have given 2 group presentations which went really well and I didn’t get the usual symptoms that I used to get which is fantastic. I have also received 2 essay results back, both brilliant results and was very pleased. I don’t get as nervous and worked up as I used to and still find the CD and tapping very useful. I don’t know if I could have done it without your help!