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Hypnotherapy for Slimming

To help you slim successfully, my aim is to help you change your thinking, your feelings and your attitude, not only in terms of what you consciously desire, but also at a deep subconscious level.

So many of us know exactly what we should be doing to lose weight. So how is it that we never seem to reach, or remain at, the size and shape we really want to be? Why is it we eat when we're not even hungry?

If it is your deep down drive to eat more than you should, whether it’s for comfort, to relieve stress, or for any other reason, it will eventually stop you losing weight. Also, if you have a particular issue around certain types of food this can get in the way of becoming the weight and shape that you want to be.

I aim to help you make the changes you need for your mind and for your figure. Message me now on 07854 055 926 to arrange a free and confidential chat about your weight problems or email me via my contact page.

Changing your Mind about Slimming

I cannot wave a magic wand and make you slim. My goal is to help you change your deeply held attitudes and beliefs aroung food and eating so that you can work towards your goal. Yes, you may well need to consider your day to day behaviour around what you eat and how much you move, but hypnotherapy for weight loss is not about dieting, calorie counting or relentless exercise. It is about helping you:-

  • Give up dieting, calorie counting, weighing food and worrying about what you eat
  • Stop struggling with will-power
  • Understand and work to resolve whatever has stopped you losing weight in the past
  • Fully understand your existing subconscious eating habits and how they get in your way
  • Put in place the new habits you need to achieve those goals
  • Discover how you can avoid returning to those old habits
  • Learn to alleviate cravings simply and quickly
  • Benefit from support throughout the duration of the sessions
  • Still be able to enjoy your food
  • Improve your self-esteem and confidence whatever your shape and size

Slimming does not have to be hard work. It does not have to be about deprivation, it does not have to be about willpower, boring food, hunger, going without, or any other negative associations you can think of. Once you are able to change your mind, the rest tends to follow naturally.

If you have any questions or require further information about slimming and weight loss do message me on 07854 055 926 to arrange a call, or contact me by email.