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Hypnotherapy for Sleep

Lack of sleep is such a common problem these days and we regularly hear about it in the media. If you are still plagued by insomnia or poor quality sleep then hypnotherapy could be for you...

The cost of sleep deprivation

  • Up to one in four road accidents is associated with tiredness
  • Impaired concentration and memory
  • Compromised decision making faculties
  • Irritability and loss of emotional control
  • Increased stress and anxiety levels
  • Possible impairment of the immune system
  • Changes in metabolism leading to weight gain
  • Increase in desire for high calorie foods
  • Just downright feeling awful

What makes Good Sleep?

To achieve a good night’s sleep you need to go through proper sleep cycles. A single cycle comprises four stages of Non REM (Rapid eye Movement) sleep, and a spell of REM sleep (when dreams occur), and lasts around 100 minutes. Ideally this cycle is repeated several times during the night. If the cycle is disrupted or incomplete, then problems can begin to occur.

What to do to promote Good Sleep

A regular routine can help, and a good sleeping environment, together with the expectation of a good night's rest. But if you are going through a period of increased stress, or you have got into a poor sleep habit, or if you are worried about the depth and quality of your sleep, or if you simply find it difficult to unwind and relax, you might need some extra help.

Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy my aim is to help you reduce or resolve any underlying factors which are impeding your ability to get to sleep and stay asleep, and provide you with the tools which can help you sleep much better in the future.

It is worth working on your sleep. Not only do you have so much more energy and vitality when you sleep well but good sleep can significantly improve your general health and wellbeing.

Help for Nightmares and Night Terrors

If you just have the odd nightmare it is probably a sign of passing stress and won't trouble you too much. If you find that you are experiencing regular nightmares or are disturbed by night terrors then your mind may be trying to resolve a difficult situation or process a frightening or traumatic event. Hypnotherapy can help you untangle your troubled sleep and start to rest soundly once more.

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