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Wellbeing through the seasons with regular Hypnotherapy

How often do we consider our mental, emotional and psychological maintenance? How often do we look after our mind? Usually we don’t pay it much attention, perhaps not even remembering that the odd country walk or creative time out can be hugely beneficial.

Some of us go to the gym regularly to stay fit and healthy or to discover how far we can take our physical development. Most of us have regular appointments to keep our hair in order. A few of us might enjoy monthly massages or some other treatment to help us feel good. I believe that regularly taking care of our psychological and emotional wellbeing is just as important.

Many clients, having discovered the profound benefits of hypnosis and being in touch with their subconscious mind, decide that they would like to return on a regular basis, whether fortnightly, monthly or quarterly, so that they can:

  • Enjoy the benefits of regular deep relaxation
  • Experience the pleasure of turning things over with their creative subconscious mind
  • Exercise their imagination and allowing new ideas to emerge
  • Discover different ways of dealing with on-going issues
  • Negotiate the problems of the day from the subconscious point of view
  • Gain new perspectives on their experiences and attitudes
  • Work on their personal development and self-actualisation
  • If they wish, learn the skills for self-hypnosis

Such clients benefit hugely from this hypno-coaching which, combined with deep relaxation, provides valuable time away from their busy schedule, enabling them to return to their daily lives refreshed and re-energised.

Here, two of my regular clients have described how they have benefitted from using hypnotherapy on an ongoing basis and for differing reasons. Individual results and experience will of course vary.

“I use regular hypnotherapy as part of my commitment to being happy with who I am and having rewarding relationships with others – whether personal or business. In each of my sessions, Liz takes time to help me understand what has been happening in my life recently, and to identify what questions to ask my subconscious during the hypnotherapy part of our time together. I have come to fully trust the information that my subconscious provides, no matter how bizarre it may seem to my conscious mind. Whilst in a state of hypnosis, I am able to access that part of me that knows exactly what underlying issue needs resolving, and exactly what is required for healing. The hypnotherapy provides me with a safe space where I can stop over-thinking things in my head and instead listen to my true self. The progress I make in my one hour session is always remarkable and leaves me feeling refreshed and revived - like a weight has been lifted. The relaxation alone is a tremendous benefit to me as I lead a busy life and am an over-thinker with a tendency to rationalize everything. Hypnotherapy enables me to get out of my own way and to allow creativity and inspiration to come through. This has radicalised my business, my personal relationships and my life for the better. This is why I commit to having hypnotherapy on a regular basis, even though there is no specific phobia or other problem that I wish to solve. I just enjoy being happy with who I am and all the benefits that come from that.”

“I have known Liz now for almost 3 years. It was around June 2015 when I first came to see her for help. It was an extremely turbulent time when I was going through a serious personal and professional crisis. The realisation that change had to happen and that this needed to come from within dawned on me. Searching various sites, hypnotherapy seemed the obvious way forward. I reminisce with humility how Liz helped me make the necessary changes in my subconscious thinking with suggestions which seemed so obviously simple but made such a big difference in my life. Thus began my journey of emotional healing as I continued to overcome my intrinsic personal obstacles. I learned techniques which helped cheer me up on several gloomy days. I’m very grateful to Liz for this and for her patience and kindness.”

You don’t need to have issues with anxiety, fears or unwanted habits to start enjoying the benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. If you are interested in what it can do for you to reduce stress, improve your appreciation of life, and deepen the connection with your inner self, just get in touch by messaging me on 07854 055 926 to arrange a call, or email me via my contact page.