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How to get out of your own way and be at your best when it matters most

Are you plagued by performance nerves? Do you have problems with any of the following?

  • Worry and stress about your performance or any part of it?
  • Negative thinking or habitual mistakes that interfere with your performance?
  • Performing at your best with confidence and resourcefulness?
  • Improving your performance and extending your comfort zone?
  • Enjoying developing your skills and performing them in front of others?

A few years ago I was visited by a musician who had made a mistake in a piece of music and however much he tried, however much he practised, couldn’t stop making the same mistake in the same place again and again. This had gone on to affect his general performance because all he could think about was the place where he made the mistake and whether he’d get through it safely. It even made him worry about making more mistakes in other places.

hypnotherapy for performance anxiety

He had got to the stage where he had such a fear of performing he was wondering if he could continue. In just a few sessions of hypnotherapy we had eliminated the problem and used mental rehearsal to enable him to return to the confident and competent player that he really was.

Whether you are a musician, an actor, a dancer, a golfer, a tennis player or you partake in any other activity that involves you demonstrating your skills in front of others, you are vulnerable to developing performance anxiety together with the stress and damage to confidence that it brings.

My aim is to help you:

  • Learn to relax and calm everything down
  • Remove or resolve any issues which may have been holding you back (you may not even know they are there)
  • Think and feel confident and positive about what you want to, and can, achieve.
  • Mentally rehearse your performance while in hypnosis so that your subconscious mind fully understands what is expected.

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Performance anxiety has many similarities to the very common fear of speaking in public. If this is something that bothers you, that limits your enjoyment of life or gets in the way of you progressing your career then why not get some help here?