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Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking Now

So you want to stop?

Or do you?

Hypnotherapy for Smoking

What excuses do you use to justify your smoking habit? Is it to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety or maybe at some level does it seem to give you more confidence? Deep down you know that whether you smoke or not you will still have these issues (which I can help you with by the way).

The next thing to ask yourself when you think about quitting smoking is who wants you to stop. Is it your partner? Is it your parents or your children? Does your GP nag you every time you visit the surgery?

If you are thinking of stopping smoking for anyone else but you, don’t call me.

Because I will only offer you treatment if it is you that really truly deeply wants to stop... …and if you are willing to take full responsibility for yourself during the process.

This doesn’t mean you have to use willpower (I daresay you’ve tried that already and found that it is too much of a struggle) but it does mean that only you can make the quit smoking decision for yourself. Your partner can’t make you do it. Your doctor can’t make you do it. Your dog can’t make you do it.

And I can’t make you do it…my job is to give you the correct tools and show you how to use them so that you can do it. So if you want help to get rid of your smoking habit before it gets rid of you, give me a call now on 01206 299 724 or use my contact page.