Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety

How to get out of your own way and be at your best when it matters most

Are you plagued by performance nerves? My aim is to help you:-

  • Eliminate your negative worry and stress about your performance or any part of it.
  • Let go of negative thinking or habitual mistakes that interfere with your performance.
  • Perform at your best by building your confidence and inner resourcefulness.
  • Improve your performance and extend your comfort zone.
  • Enjoy developing your skills and performing them in front of others.

Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety

A few years ago I was visited by a musician who had made a mistake in a piece of music and however much he tried, however much he practised, couldn’t stop making the same mistake in the same place again and again. This had gone on to affect his general performance because all he could think about was the place where he made the mistake and whether he’d get through it safely. It even made him worry about making more mistakes in other places.

hypnotherapy for performance anxietyHe had got to the stage where he had such a fear of performing he was wondering if he could continue. In just a few sessions of hypnotherapy we had eliminated the problem and used mental rehearsal to enable him to return to the confident and competent player that he really was.

Whether you are a musician, an actor, a dancer, a golfer, a tennis player or you partake in any other activity that involves you demonstrating your skills in front of others, you are vulnerable to developing performance anxiety together with the stress and damage to confidence that it brings.

To find out more about treatment for performance anxiety just give me a call on 01206 299 724 or email me using my contact page.

Performance anxiety has many similarities to the very common fear of speaking in public. If this is something that bothers you, that limits your enjoyment of life or gets in the way of you progressing your career then why not get some help here?

Test Anxiety and Exam Fear

Even if you are very conscientious, revise well, or practise daily, and know all your material back to front, all that effort could be wasted if you suffer from test anxiety or exam nerves.

If your exams or tests are really getting on top of you, with just a few sessions of hypnotherapy my aim is to help you get back on course, relieve your stress, enhance your learning processes and performance, and generally prepare you for the success you deserve.

To find out more about treatment for test anxiety or exam nerves just give me a call on 01206 299 724 or email me using my contact page.

Work-related Peformance Anxiety

hypnotherapy for business performance anxietyWorking life can entail many challenges.Here are a few examples where building your confidence and the way you present yourself could make a big difference:

  • You want to seek promotion or ask for a pay rise but fear putting your head above the parapet.
  • Your annual performance review is due and you are not looking forward to it.
  • You work in a very competitive environment and the support you would expect from your boss or colleagues simply isn't there.
  • You are returning to work after a break and feel nervous or fearful of interviews.

In just a few sessions I aim to help you:

  • Let go of the negative self-talk or fearful feelings.
  • Build up your confidence and self belief.
  • Prepare you through rehearsal at a deep sub-conscious level for the challenges to come.

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Improve your Performance

hypnotherapy for sport performance anxietyOnce you have dealt with your fears and anxieties you can also use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help you upgrade your skills and work on improving your performance. Often we are prone, without realising, to putting a ceiling on our expectations. Clearly this is very limiting behaviour, but if we don’t think we can do it, then that is the result we will get. Sometimes there is a fear of failure, at others, strangely enough, a fear of success and the demands that may follow. For others still it is simply a lack of self-belief.

Whilst I can’t change your physique and whilst it is up to you to gain any technical know-how, my aim and expertise is in helping you release any thought patterns that hold you back and instil a positive and confident can-do attitude. Then watch out for the results!

I have helped tennis players, golf players, swimmers, horse riders, musicians and many others to upgrade the way they think about themselves and to surpass their old expectations. If they can do it then so can you!

To find out more just give me a call on 01206 299 724 or email me using my contact page.