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guilt and shame

You can't turn back the clock but you don't have to live with the unnecessary burden of guilt or shame.

We all have memories of things we wish we’d done differently. If you are able to think about these memories, shrug your shoulders and mentally move on then you have probably dealt with them and more or less let them go.

However you may have one or more of the following symptoms:-

  • You look back frequently and wish you’d done things differently.
  • You still experience a wave of discomfort when you remember certain situations.
  • You feel haunted by the thought that you could have or should have done it better.
  • You feel bad because you think you haven’t suffered in the way that other people seem to have done.
  • You still feel that past mistakes are affecting your attitude and outlook on life.
  • Your life is dominated by ‘if only’ and ‘what if?’
  • You feel you can’t go forward because of something you have done in the past.

Guilt and shame are feelings which can leave us anxious and lacking in self-esteem. Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth wails “What’s done is done” and “what’s done cannot be undone”, thoughts which leave her weakened and tortured by her past deeds. Perhaps if you really are the perpetrator of a vile crime then such self-torment is in some way justified.

But for most of us guilt is a needless emotion. We cannot change the past. In the vast majority of cases we have done our best with the abilities and resources that we had at that time. So why do we let the memories of past deeds ruin our present when all we really need is the learning, not the constant emotional prod of old deeds done or left undone?

The learning from an event is a matter for the cognitive brain but the feeling is something much more primitive and can be persistent. Hypnotherapy is the ideal tool for helping to let go of the burden of unnecessary guilt and shame. You have already punished yourself enough.

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