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Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias

When you will do anything to avoid your object of fear, when it stops you from doing something you would really like to do, or you feel you have to change your behaviour because of it, then it’s a phobia.

How do Fears and Phobias start?

It is said that we are born with two natural fears, of heights and loud noises. But as we grow we will learn from our environment. If our parents are fearful, we are likely to be fearful of the same things. We can probably work around these fears or find that we eventually grow out of them.

Phobias are different. Often we can’t remember when they began, but they are usually associated with a time of high emotion. If, as a young child you are happily playing and accidentally put your hand on a wasp and get stung, it will not only hurt but give you an unpleasant surprise. Your heightened feelings may be reinforced by the fuss that is made over your tears and dealing with the sting, or by someone not coming to reassure you. It doesn’t really matter how it happens but you will be forming a link between wasps, pain and unpleasant feelings.

That association, especially if you are young, can easily become ‘hard-wired’ into your subconscious mind. Then, trying to look after you, every time you see a wasp, your mind will trigger the fight or flight response: your heart rate will increase, you may sweat, and you'll be ready to run. This isn’t so useful if you’re in an important meeting and a wasp is lazily climbing up the window, or if you want to teach your children that wasps aren’t so bad if you leave them alone.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Treatment for Fears and Phobias

I have worked with many clients who have fears and/or phobias. The aim of the work is to relieve the hold that your fear has on you and show you how to build up your positive resources so that in the future your phobic subject no longer has that old effect. Sometimes just two or three sessions can resolve the problem. Obviously everyone is different so I cannot guarantee that all clients will have exactly the same result in the same number of sessions. This is why it is important to come for your first consultation and decide for yourself.

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