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And Help with Fear of Presenting and Speaking to Groups

Hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking

The fear of speaking to a group of people makes us feel inadequate, lacking somehow, and may even become a critical hindrance to our career. In a social situation it can deprive us of the chance to acknowledge someone important to us or share something meaningful that others would like to hear.

My aim as an experienced hypnotherapist is to help you discover how to:

  • Put your fear and anxiety behind you using simple practical techniques
  • Let go of the old fear and past negative conditionings that get in your way today
  • Access your own under-used resources to build confidence and self esteem
  • Stretch or even step out of your comfort zone
  • Get out there and get your message across and even enjoy yourself while you do so!

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There’s something about presenting and public speaking which, for many, makes the blood run cold. It is one of our most common fears. Yet it is something that we are often called upon to do, whether it’s at work, sharing important information or making a report, or at a personal level, giving a short speech at a social event.

More about fear of public speaking:

So why are we so scared?

Hypnotherapy for confident public speaking

There are many reasons why presenting to groups and public speaking seem to be such a problem for so many people. Typical examples are:

Publicly stepping out of our comfort zone

We all have to step out of our comfort zone occasionally; it’s part of growing and developing ourselves. But when it comes to presenting, we often feel very vulnerable because if things go wrong, everyone will know about it. We cannot keep it to ourselves because there we will be, exposed, the centre of attention, with no place to run or hide.

Bad experiences from the past

Even worse, we may have had previous experiences where we have been made to look a fool in front of others. A typical example is that of the school child forced to stand up in class and be ridiculed in some way by an insensitive teacher. Such an ordeal will haunt some people for life and will prevent them from ever having the confidence to put themselves forward again.

Early conditioning

One of my clients came from a very un-aspiring family and was told as a small child that they just weren’t the sort of people to stand out or put themselves forward. Small wonder that until she was able to let go of that old memory my client could hardly bring herself to say a few words in front of half a dozen people.

Time for Change

Presenting used to be my nemesis. It was high up on the list of things I’d really prefer never to do. Occasionally I will still experience a tingle of that old fear, as if it's reminding me of how I used to be and how far I have come. It means I completely understand what you are going through, but I also know that what has changed in me can work for you too. Once you begin to realise that you can take control and use your mind's resources to work for you instead of against you, then you will start to change. And the confidence that comes from making that change will be priceless.

What’s different for me can be different for you too.

There are four factors which make a difference to my presentation ability which I think will help you too.

  • Know your subject. Hopefully it’s one you feel passionate about and really want to get your message across.
  • Prepare by playing your presentations through in your mind when you're relaxed. It allows the creative juices to flow and gives a signal of positive intent to your subconscious mind.
  • Talk your presentations through aloud several times to make sure they work and that the timing is right.
  • Build your experience - the more you present the easier it gets.

If you still feel fearful then come for an initial consultation so that you can air your concerns and learn how with hypnotherapy I aim to help you reduce, even eliminate, any fear and help you build your own feelings of confidence so that you can present at your best.

So that when you are up there in front of others, you can experience and enjoy the feeling of something achieved, an old fear overcome; it will give you a real buzz.

For help to discover your own voice and speak with confidence message me on 07854 055 926 to arrange a call, or email me from my contact page.