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Hypnotherapy for fear of horses

Horses and humans have lived and worked together for thousands of years. Even in today’s mechanised and automated world they still seem to hold a special place in our hearts. Horse riding remains a very popular activity, both as an enjoyable hobby and as a competitive sport. But sometimes through no fault of your own things can go wrong.

So I’d like to ask you:

  • Are you a nervous rider?
  • Has your horse riding confidence been damaged by an accident or fall?
  • Would you like to reduce anxiety and build confidence around horses and riding?
  • Is worry and tension getting in the way of your performance in equestrian competitions like showing, racing, show-jumping, dressage or eventing?

If you have spent any time around horses you will know how sensitive they are to your level of confidence. As herd animals in the wild they naturally look for strong leadership and as domestic animals they expect this from you. If, for whatever reason, you are nervous, anxious or tense, they will sense it and this will affect their behaviour, often damaging your confidence even further.

Using advanced hypnotherapy techniques my aim is to help you

  • Let go of any negative feelings (such as might be caused by a fall)
  • Build up those positive qualities such as confidence, calmness and leadership
  • Improve your experience of riding
  • Build your relationship with your horse.

To find out more about horse riding nerves (and how to overcome them) just message me on 07854 055 926 to arrange a call, or email me via my contact page.

Improve your Horse Riding Performance

Hypnotherapy for fear of horse riding

Hypnotherapy can also be used to improve your riding performance in equestrian sports and competitions. Sports people are aware that their state of mind directly affects their performance. This is no different in the equestrian world. And it's not just you that is affected by a poor state of mind. You know that your horse will pick up on it too.

  • Is your performance affected by pre-competition nerves?
  • Do you and your horse have a winning combination but somehow you never seem to perform at your best?
  • Are you aware of something within you that stops you achieving the success you deserve?

Now, you do not need me to tell you how many strides might be required before a certain fence or exactly what aids you need to use for a particular dressage manoeuvre. That comes from your knowledge and expertise. Through my own area of knowledge and expertise my aim is to help you prepare yourself for the very best performance you can give.

Just message me on 07854 055 926 to arrange a call, or drop me an email to find out more about help for your horse riding performance.