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hypnotherapy help for blushing

Do you:

  • Feel as if you blush or go red very easily or frequently?
  • Worry about blushing and whether people notice you blushing?
  • Find yourself avoiding certain situations in case you blush?
  • Feel disadvantaged in some way because of a tendency to blush?

Blushing is an outward manifestation of self-consciousness, and a symptom of anxiety. If we are caught in a lie, or embarrassed in some other way, it is a very natural and involuntary reaction. In a few minutes the blushing subsides as everything calms down again.

However, if you are one of the many for whom blushing has become an issue you may notice that it is almost like a habit and that the more you think about blushing, the more you blush, and the more self-conscious and uncomfortable you become. In turn your worry and preoccupation about blushing, well, all that does is increase the tendency for a wave of heat and redness to wash through you with increasing frequency. This type of blushing is a learned behaviour, and like so many other behaviours, can be unlearned.

keep your cool help for blushing

My aim, using hypnosis and hypnotherapy is to help you:

  • Learn to relax and to reduce the underlying levels of anxiety that make you more prone to blushing.
  • Discover and resolve any underlying reasons for your blushing behaviour, such as an old embarrassing incident. You may not consciously remember what this is.
  • Reduce or eliminate worry and preoccupation with your blushing, helping you focus on the activity to hand or the people around you rather than what is happening within.
  • Build self-confidence so that you can enjoy life more and your blushing or worry about blushing becomes a thing of the past.

I have found that clients, after a few sessions of hypnotherapy, experience a significant reduction in blushing. This this can happen either spontaneously or over a period of time so that as your worry about blushing decreases, so in turn the 'need' to blush is reduced. After all you have much better and more interesting things to focus on in life!

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