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What is special about Advanced Hypnotherapy

The Atkinson-Ball Standard

I must give credit for most of this material to the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy. To see the original go to

Advanced Hypnotherapy is far more effective than many of the ‘talking’ therapies for one very simple reason. Talking about your problem may help in the short term, but to get to the cause of the problem, you need to reach the subconscious mind.

This is why, in the world of hypnotherapy, ‘highly qualified’ does not necessarily mean ‘highly effective’.  That is not to say you should ignore professional qualifications, but what you need is effectiveness. No one’s psychological problem is intellectual in nature; it is emotional – it sits in the subconscious mind.  You need a therapist who is skilled in using tools which enable you to get to the cause of the problem and fix it, without dragging up or re-living your past in endless detail.

It’s a bit like having your portrait painted. Would you choose an artist with a PhD in Art, who may know all there is to know about art, or would you choose an accomplished artist who can actually paint the picture?

Not all hypnotherapists are the same. There are many schools of hypnotherapy and some only teach suggestion therapy. Whilst carefully worded suggestions can be very helpful, particularly during the early stages of hypnotherapy and to sum up sessions, suggestion therapy alone deprives your own subconscious mind, that part of you that knows you better than anyone else, of the opportunity to get to work on your behalf. Through dynamic and interactive hypnotherapy you are engaging the power of your subconscious mind to identify what needs attention and to get to work in the manner which is most appropriate for you.

This powerful and effective system of hypnotherapy was originally devised by Bill Atkinson-Ball in the 1980s and has been kept up to date, taught to and practised by members of the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy.

All hypnotherapists meeting the Atkinson-Ball Standard:

•    Have successfully completed Advanced Hypnotherapy training at The Atkinson-Ball College
•    Are members in good standing of The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy
•    Are fully insured
•    Are committed to Continuing Professional Development

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