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A Therapist Called Bonnie

When we looked into adopting a retired greyhound we were told that we would probably not choose our hound, they would choose us, and so it was with Bonnie. Whereas the first two dogs we saw were completely indifferent to our presence, Bonnie made a bee line for us, wagging her tail and excited to meet her new humans. We were well and truly smitten.

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Peaceful Slumbers - On Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

A couple of weeks ago I came across a new book on sleep and its importance to both short and long-term health.

I was telling my friend Sally (name changed to protect privacy) about it. Now she is someone who has spent much of her life getting by on about 6 hours a night, believing that sleep is a bit of a waste of time, but by the time I’d finished she was looking really worried.

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Bullying and the Long-term Effects of Being Bullied

Recently I came across an article about the recovery period for childhood bullying. This was based on a study by UCL and the conclusion was that although the bullied may suffer anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and behavioural problems the recovery period seemed to be about five years.

Let me add that there was certainly no doubt expressed that bullying is unacceptable and that it damages mental health.

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The Hypnotic Power of the Great British Bake Off

It was the week of the Viennese Whirls. After that episode I just had to have one…or some. My daughter kindly obliged and made a dozen with lashings of raspberry jam and icing. We scoffed the lot within 24 hours. I dare not think how many calories we consumed but they were so very good.

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Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again

Last weekend while at a friend’s house for a summer gathering, I heard a slight thump and realised a bird had flown into a window. I paid it little attention and carried on with the conversation. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a fluttering movement on the ground and realised that the impact had been greater than I had originally thought.

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Not just Muscle…

Hints and tips to improve sporting performance

While we wonder at the amazing Olympic achievements, like the seemingly impossible gymnastics of Simone Biles or the grit and determination of the long distance cyclists it’s worth remembering that it is not just muscle that wins these competitions.

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On Losing Pets

My mother was told that if she cried when one of her pets died she would not get another. Skip to the next generation and her instructions to me were slightly milder but the message was definitely that we should not get sentimental about animals dying. Grief was not an option.

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Hypnotherapy and Anxiety

At the beginning of this week there was a news item about the prevalence of anxiety (apparently 4% in this part of the world), how it is under recognised and how debilitating it can be. This was followed up by a phone in on Radio 4's You and Yours. Both are worth looking at.

I find anxiety and anxiety related issues make up a very large portion of my work. Every other enquiry seems to include an anxious element. Someone came to me recently who had been anxious for over 20 years, with a feeling of impending doom for much of the time. Another wanted help for social anxiety and excruciating self-consciousness. Another still felt anxious about certain aspects of their work.

All were helped enormously by a few sessions of hypnotherapy and I will come back to that later.

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What you should expect from your Hypnotherapy Sessions

If you have not experienced hypnotherapy before, or been disappointed by a previous therapeutic experience, it is worth considering what makes a good hypnotherapist. My professional body, the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy have devised the Atkinson-Ball standard. Bill Atkinson-Ball founded the Corporation in the 1980s. I have discussed his contribution to the hypnotherapy profession, and what it means for you, the client, in another post.

I must give credit for most of this material to the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy. To see the original go to I have adapted it in a few places in order to explain what I do having developed my work over thirteen years of practise.

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What is special about Advanced Hypnotherapy

The Atkinson-Ball Standard

I must give credit for most of this material to the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy. To see the original go to

Advanced Hypnotherapy is far more effective than many of the ‘talking’ therapies for one very simple reason. Talking about your problem may help in the short term, but to get to the cause of the problem, you need to reach the subconscious mind.

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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

My son, currently living abroad, is a great fan of Freakonomics Radio ( and I have started listening when I have the chance. A couple of very interesting episodes are about the economics of sleep and how good it is for you in terms of health and productivity. It discusses how the amount of sleep we get has reduced over the decades and how it varies according to a number of factors. Socio-economic status, where you live in terms of sunrise and sunset times, your sleep environment, including what you can’t control like outside traffic, and what you can control (eg screen time as you go to sleep) all affect how much nightly rest you get.

Interesting as these episodes are (and I may have forgotten every detail) the assumption seems to be that to a large extent sleep is either a matter of choice or a given if you sort out your circumstances and environment. It is as if sleep automatically wafts in and takes over so that you can easily grab an extra 15 minutes or couple of hours at will.

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