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Hypnotherapy can help

My purpose as an Advanced Hypnotherapist is to provide help and support for a wide range of issues. If you do not find what you are looking for under the following headings just give me a call on 01206 299 724 or use my contact page.

You may not feel the need for one-one hypnotherapy but be interested in learning self-hypnosis skills. I offer individual or group self-hypnosis courses and workshops which teach you to relax deeply into self-hypnosis and use it for making positive changes with a wide range of tools and techniques.

Common Problems

Inevitably there are issues which many of us have to deal with at some time in our life. For a brief summary go to Common Problems. For more detailed information visit these pages:


Confidence and Self-Esteem

Fears and Phobias

Sleep Problems and Insomnia

Slimming and Weight Loss



Other Problems

Health, Medical and Dental

Sport and Exercise


Unwanted Habits

Schools, University and Studying



Addictive Behaviour

Again, if you can't find what you are looking for, just give me a call on 01206 299 724 or email me via my contact page.

Hypnosis for Self Help, Relaxation, Wellbeing and Self-Discovery

Learn the art of Self-Hypnosis and many self-help tools and techniques for positive change.

Find out about the benefits of regular hypnotherapy, relaxation and the creative power of the sub-conscious mind.