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About Liz Kotarska

Liz Kotarska FRICS, DABCH, Cert. Psy-TaP
Liz Kotarska FRICS, DABCH, Cert. Psy-TaP
  • Advanced Hypnotherapist and HypnoHealer
  • Member of the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy
  • Thought Field Therapist (Callahan Techniques) diagnostic level
  • PsyTap (Psychosensory techniques and principles) practitioner
  • Fellow of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (non-practising)

I began my career in chartered surveying, working in the field of commercial property, and remain a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Whilst some aspects of this profession may seem to have little in common with my work as a hypnotherapist, the values acquired in this environment are very relevant.

Such values include:-

  • Maintaining high professional standards,
  • Ensuring my client is properly informed and prepared,
  • Respecting client confidentiality,
  • Analysis and understanding of what my client wants to achieve
  • Working towards that desired outcome
  • Having the flexibility to adjust as the client makes changes during the progress of the work

So, having taken a career break in order to raise my family, I returned to my original profession, aware that perhaps it wasn't something I felt passionate about any longer, but not yet knowing what would fill that role instead. Returning to work triggered a spell of separation anxiety in one of my children. Usually bright and confident, this child became tearful and unsure of themselves. I was recommended to go to a hypnotherapist and everything was back to normal within three sessions.

This so impressed me that I decided to try hypnosis for myself. Underlying the usual ups and downs of family life I had long had the feeling that there ‘must be more to it all than this'. For me, hypnotherapy was a life changing experience. It began to dawn on me that the only thing in my way was me and my underlying subconscious beliefs which held me back. As a result of this work I realised that I just had to train as a hypnotherapist and deliver its many benefits to others.Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy I qualified in Advanced Hypnotherapy in 2004 and was consequently accepted as a Member of the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy. I have since been practising from consulting rooms at my home at East Bergholt, helping private clients and offering self-hypnosis courses and workshops. I am now able to offer a second location in central London, at 1 Harley Street, london W1.

Psy-Tap Certified PractitionerI am also trained to Diagnostic level as a Thought Field Therapy practitioner (Callahan Techniques) and am now proud to be a fully qualified Psy-TaP practitioner. Psy-TaP (Psychosensory Techniques and Principles) is founded on biomechanics and neuroscience and was developed by Kevin Laye, international therapist and trainer, to create a system designed to interrupt and eliminate unwanted emotional and behavioural patterns quickly and effectively.

As a professional I believe it is important to continue to develop my skills and I have attended many training courses and workshops. The very best training however is gained through working with clients and I would like to thank the hundreds of individuals who, over the years, have entrusted me with the task of helping them with their problems.