Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Colchester, Ipswich, Essex, Suffolk and Harley Street

My name is Liz Kotarska and with over 13 years of experience as an Advanced Hypnotherapist my aim is to help you:- 

Liz Kotarska Advanced Hypnotherapist

…and much, much more.

Perhaps you have visited this site because you are feeling unhappy or dissatisfied, even out of control. Maybe you want to be free from fear or anxiety or want to boost your confidence and self belief. Could you do with more sleep, less stress, help with slimming, IBS or exams? Or perhaps it's a case of unwanted habits such as smoking? If you can't find the information you are looking for in the following pages just give me a call on 01206 299 724 or use my contact page.

As with any therapeutic intervention hypnotherapy is not for everybody and individual results may vary. The best way to discover whether it is something you would like to experience is to look through this site, read some testimonials and come for an initial consultation so that you can make an informed decision.

If you are based in or around Colchester and Ipswich and looking for hypnosis and hypnotherapy, my location on the Suffolk Essex border is ideal. You will find easy access from the A12, A14, A120 and the A137. I am able to offer free parking with a comfortable environment where you will find caring and confidential support from a professional qualified therapist committed to helping you make the positive and beneficial changes you want.

If you are working or living in or around London then you can also find me at 1 Harley Street, London W1, just a short walk from Oxford Circus.

Any queries? Just drop me a line on my contact page. Want a quick chat? Just call me on 01206 299 724.